"The Bulletproof Agent" Webinar
go from an "agent for life" to an "agent set for life" by Learning How To Finally create a stress-free real estate career and build a cash-flowing portfolio
On this brand new special training, Eric Smith reveals:
  • How To Get High On Your Own Supply - Why owning real estate is the best investment out there and how to get started with building your own generational portfolio.
  • My Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success - Why you need to QUIT BEING SCARED. There is no one more perfectly suited to be an investor than you...a real estate agent
  • How To Ethically Pay ZERO Taxes - IT DOESN’T MATTER THE MARKET. Up, down, low interest rate, high interest rate, high price market, low price market.
If you're ready to stop dealing with the asshole clients and only doing the deals that you want to do, and not out of necessity... then this is the most important training you'll attend all year!
During This Webinar, We're Going to 
peek behind the curtain. . .
IT AIN’T A SECRET! Owning Real Estate Is The Best Investment Out There. You Just Forgot
Seriously, I started out as a green agent with no relationships, no experience.  

But then I realized that the guys I looked up to most in my office had a different mindset and approach to using real estate to build wealth.

It took me a while to figure it all out, but once I did a couple deals, everything changed for me.

That's the beauty of this industry and my system. It's not another one of those "red ocean" real estate trainings. 

Trust me, when you uncover the ability to create a consistent stream of cash flow, and work on your own terms, you're going to wish you knew about this years ago.
Why Real Estate Professional Status is One Of the BIGGEST opportunities & Wealth Engines

You work hard, but in real estate, your money works WAY harder.

We're going to cover the 4 pillars of real estate and explore EVERY single option available to us as RE Professionals:

- Cashflow

- Appreciation

- Depreciation

- Leverage

- And, How You Can Reduce Or Eliminate ALL Of Your Income Tax

There is not a single investment class out there that offers this. Not crypto, not NFT’s, not Stocks, not ETF’s, not gas or oil.

It's time you join the party!
My Complete Portfolio Building Secrets that you can take and implement in ANY market
Now this is where the magic is. The truth is, the market is never in your favor….

When interest rates are low then prices are high and so is the competition...

When interest rates are high, then mortgages are expensive...

If we're in a recession, then there are deals to be had but credit will be hard to get...

My market is too expensive, my market is too cheap. There will always be something...

The key is, it's NEVER about timing - It's about STRATEGY. 

On this webinar, I'm going to uncover my exact same process that I've used to build a portfolio that generates me $25,000 a month in truly passive income.
Meet Your Host and Real Estate Expert
Eric Smith
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- Eric

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